AMYTISS: Parallelized Automated Controller Synthesis for Large-Scale Stochastic Systems
Abolfazi Lavaei, Mahmoud Khaled, Sadegh Soudjani, and Majid Zamani
CAV 2020: International Conference on Computer Aided Verification


Large-scale stochastic systems have recently received significant attentions due to their broad applications in various safety-critical systems such as traffic networks and self-driving cars. In this paper, we propose a software tool, called AMYTISS, implemented in C++/OpenCL, for designing correct-by-construction controllers for large-scale discrete-time stochastic systems. This tool is employed to (i) build finite Markov decision processes (MDPs) as finite abstractions of given original systems, and (ii) synthesize controllers for the constructed finite MDPs satisfying bounded-time safety and reach-avoid specifications. In AMYTISS, scalable parallel algorithms are designed such that they support parallel execution within CPUs, GPUs and hardware accelerators (HWAs). Unlike all existing tools for stochastic systems, AMYTISS can utilize high-performance computing (HPC) platforms and cloud-computing services to mitigate the effects of the state-explosion problem, which is always present in analyzing large-scale stochastic systems. We benchmark AMYTISS against the most recent tools in the literature using several physical case studies including robot examples, room temperature and road traffic networks. We also apply our algorithms to a 3-dimensional autonomous vehicle and 7-dimensional nonlinear model of a BMW 320i car by synthesizing an autonomous parking controller.


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